How to Get Furniture Marks Out Of Carpet

You’ve just got your new sofa delivered and you’re excited to put it in the living room. You carefully unwrap the furniture, set it up, then notice that there are some indentations on your carpet where the legs of your previous sofa were resting. It’s easy to get agitated when something like this happens because now you have a dilemma: do you leave those marks or try to fix them? Here are some ways to get rid of indentations in your carpet that furniture has left behind.

First Try A Vacuum To Remove Indentations

A vacuum can remove marks from carpet. If you have a small mark, use the brush attachment to scrub the fibres back to their original state. This trick works best for lighter indentations or if there is just one spot that needs attention. However, this won’t work well on larger areas. You can use this method in combination with others, like the next one on the list, to make sure you get rid of any marks your new couch left behind.

Use A Hairdryer To Heat Up The Fibres

A hair dryer is also a great tool to use when removing marks from your carpet. It’s less intense than the vacuum method which means you won’t be damaging the fibres as much, leaving them looking like new again after you’re done using it. Start by soaking the indentation with water and simply turn on the hairdryer at it’s highest setting and point it at the mark. Move it back and forth to heat up the fibres (but not too close as this may damage the carpet), then use your fingers to ruff them up until they are even with the rest of the carpet.

Use Ice Cubes To Remove Indentations

Who would have thought that ice cubes could be such a useful tool? It’s true, though. Place ice cubes on top of your indention and let them melt, it will soak the fibres making them flush with the rest of your carpet. Then use a vacuum or hairdryer to heat up the carpet again for good measure.

An Iron Will Do Wonders For Deep Indentations

This method won’t work for every single type of indention, but it’s worth a shot. If your new couch or chair has left deep indentions in the carpet then this is an excellent way to fix them. Use ice cubes on top of each mark and let them melt all over the area (don’t let the water dry up). Next, place a cloth over it and run an iron (a few inches) on top of that for around thirty seconds. This will steam your carpet making those deep indentations almost disappear completely.

Be careful not to burn your carpet with the iron though. That would be a disaster that you don’t want to have on your hands!

Now You Know How To Get Dents Out Of Carpet

All these tricks will get deep indention marks out of your carpets, but if there is just one small mark left behind then it’s best not to apply too much stress over it. Your new furniture is there to stay, so you might as well get used to the marks on your carpet that come with having nice things!

There are many ways you can remove marks from your carpets that furniture has made, but they do take some time and effort. For larger areas it’s often easiest to call a carpet cleaning company to come out and take care of the problem for you. They have specialised equipment that helps them get rid of any marks in your carpets so they look new again without any effort on your part.

Hopefully this post has been helpful for you and given you ideas on how to get rid of those pesky marks that your new furniture has made.

Remember, if all else fails it’s always best not to stress over one small spot!

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