How To Stop Cats Scratching Furniture: 9 Tips And Tricks

Cats are adorable and cuddly, but they can also be destructive. Cats scratch furniture to sharpen their claws and mark their territory. They also scratch furniture because they like the feel of fabric on their paws and enjoy stretching after a nap or playing with a toy. Scratching is natural behaviour for cats, but it’s not good for your home furnishings! In this blog post we will share 10 tips and tricks to stop cats from scratching your precious furniture that you’ve spent so much time picking out just right.

Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture?

Scratching is a natural behaviour for cats. They do it to mark their territory, to stretch after naps or playtime, and because they like the feel of fabric on their paws. Some cat breeds are more prone to scratching furniture than others (i.e., long-haired cats).

Cats also scratch when they’re stressed. If a cat’s scratching behaviour is left unchecked, the problem will only get worse and damage to your furniture may increase.

How To Stop Cats Scratching Furniture

Cats are not going to suddenly stop scratching because you ask them politely. You have to make it worth their while by providing an attractive alternative.

Keep in mind that when you’re training a cat, you’re actually training your entire family. Everyone will need to follow the steps below if they want the scratching behaviour to stop! Here are some tips and tricks for how to stop cats from scratching furniture:

Cover Furniture

Cover your couch or chair with a blanket or throw. Cats don’t like the feel of fabric on their paws, so this is a great way to keep cats off your furniture without hurting them. Covering furniture is also a good way to protect it from claw damage and keep it clean.

Tape & Foil

Cover the areas that you don’t want scratched with double-sided sticky tape or aluminium foil. Cats also hate walking on these surfaces and will avoid scratching there in the future!

Provide An Alternative Place To Scratch

If possible, provide an alternative place for your cat to scratch. For example, you can purchase a scratching toy or cat tower and place it in the same area that your furniture is currently being scratched up. Toys are a great way to keep cats active and entertained.

Scratching posts should be tall enough for the cat to stretch out fully and should have a rough surface that your cat can dig their claws into.

Keep Claws Trimmed

Keep cats’ nails trimmed regularly . The best way to keep kitty from tearing up your couch with her claws is by preventing them from getting too sharp in the first place!

If your cat is scratching because she’s stressed out, have her checked by a veterinarian. Cats are masters of hiding their pain so this may be the underlying reason why your furry friend is acting out.

Deterrents & Sprays

There are deterrents and sprays available to make your furniture unpleasant for cats. However, you must be consistent and use these deterrents every time the cat scratches if they are going to work.

Reward your cat when she does scratch in an appropriate place.

Move Furniture

Remove the temptation. If kitty’s scratching behaviour is really bad, put your couch or chairs in a different place until it’s under control again! Again, this will only work if everyone in the house follows these tips and tricks to stop cats from scratching furniture. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your time.

Keep Furniture Clean

Keep your furniture clean to remove scents that trigger kitty to scratch. Removing the scent markings is important as they tend to scratch areas where their scent is fading.

Keep Entertained

Cats often scratch due to boredom, so make sure they get plenty of playtime and exercise throughout the day. Encouraging toys and scratching posts in the home will encourage your cat to use them.

There are a load of toys available for cats that will help them to get their daily exercise. Toys are also important because they allow your cat to mark her territory in a desirable place that you approve of!

Save Your Carpets

Scratching mats are great for carpets and are made with rough material that will satisfy your cat’s scratching needs.

Reward your cat when she does good.

We hope that we’ve been able to provide some useful information that will help solve the problem once and for all. By following these steps (and ensuring everyone in your household does so as well), kitty will no longer be scratching up your furniture!

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